Automatic Laundry, the largest family-owned and operated laundry service provider in the northeast, is celebrating Earth Day 2022 with more than 30% of deployed commercial washers and dryers now linked to the internet using their proprietary LaundryConnect™ remote service system. The company receives real-time service alerts from Speed Queen washers and dryers that go directly to their service team who can remotely clear over 80% of equipment error alerts before residents and staff become aware of the malfunctioning machine. These repairs are typically completed within 30 minutes of receiving the alerts.

This investment in technology dramatically reduces the miles driven by their trained field technicians reducing carbon emissions while still providing the most responsive service in the industry.

The Laundry Service Industry Challenge

How many times has a field technician been dispatched to a location only to find no problem with the washer or dryer or the machine is in use? These technician dispatches are an expensive pain point for service organizations like Automatic Laundry. The company relies heavily on their field technician workforce and estimate that 30% of service truck rolls to a property or campus to be non-value-added activities and altogether avoidable, and thus an inefficient use of human, financial and natural resources. With the cost of truck rolls rising, time is of the essence for service providers to understand truck roll cost and its impact and explore emerging technologies to mitigate these rising costs.

IoT Technology Solution

The LaundryConnect™ system from Automatic Laundry connects all the washers and dryers on a property or campus providing significant benefits to residents, property owners and Automatic Laundry as your service provider. The networked machines notify the service response team directly, in real time, when there is an error code/machine failure. The need for residents or staff to report machines out of order is almost eliminated. When an alert is received, the error is cleared remotely within minutes and the affected washer or dryer is back in operational mode. This remote service technology reduces Automatic Laundry’s truck rolls by over 50% at locations featuring this technology while increasing both machine uptime and revenue while improving the overall resident experience.

LaundryConnect™ also allows Automatic Laundry to remotely program machines in a matter of minutes. This could mean raising or lowering the vend price, changing the dry times, activating automatic shutdown/low power mode for off-peak hours, and promotional programs (e.g., free cycles). When a resident is experiencing an issue with a machine, the company can pause or advance the current cycle or prep another machine to start while the resident is still in the room.

Through the built-in analytics of LaundryConnect™, Automatic Laundry can identify plumbing and electrical issues, pending issues with the machines or residents using the machines incorrectly (e.g., too much soap). This data allows us to proactively correct situations that could turn into emergencies when not addressed sooner or properly educate the users to improve their laundry experience.

Unwavering Mission

“Our mission as a company is still the same…to continue investing in technology that drives superior service solutions while reducing our impact on the environment,” stated Automatic Laundry’s President and CEO, Scott Scarpato. “With the cost of technology decreasing and internet access becoming almost ubiquitous, we hope to have the majority of our field washers and dryers connected over the next five years,” also stated Scarpato.

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