Laundry Equipment Monitoring and Remote Service
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LaundryConnect™ Equipment

  • 24/7 monitoring of all laundry equipment and performance parameters.
  • Critical error monitoring alerts Automatic Laundry of any major errors recorded via e-mail to our entire service organization.
  • All performance-related aspects monitored, analyzed.

24/7 “IoT” Service Alerts

Washers and dryers featuring LaundryConnect™ alert us with real-time information on everything we need to know regarding your community laundry room operations. Machines requiring service automatically notify our service department the cause of the malfunction. Service Alert reduces downtime by automating the request for service process and ensures that your community laundry facility is operating at peak efficiency.

Enhanced Networking Systems

LaundryConnect™ allows each community laundry room to be networked to a property-specific website, giving residents the ability to remotely view, in real-time, the community laundry room, check machine availability, and the remaining cycle time for maximum convenience.

Text or Email Notifications

Residents can request real-time text or email notifications when a cycle is complete or once a machine becomes available.

True IOT Connected Services

Automatic Laundry offers a variety of service options to manage our customers unique laundry needs. From our highly efficient laundry equipment and superior customer service to our LaundryConnect™ system featuring Service Alert, we have the solutions to best manage community laundry facilities.


Remote Start Capabilities

On the rare occasion when a resident is charged for a machine that doesn’t start, LaundryConnect™ provides us the ability to remotely start a machine free of charge providing a real-time service solution for your residents.

Utilize LaundryConnect™

If your building is equipped with LaundryConnect™, please click here to utilize this feature.