Our Mobile App

Please open the app on your device prior to going to the laundry room to resolve most issues and for best results.
If you have other questions, please see our FAQ list below.

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Where do I find the app?

Log in to the Apple App Store or Google Play and search for “LaundryConnect™ Pay” or scan this QR code.

I’m having trouble logging into the app
• If the cell or WI-Fi signal is not strong in the laundry room, simply go to a location where you do have a signal and return to the laundry room. You only need connectivity to log in, not use the equipment.
• Check Google Play Store or App Store for any updates to the app.
• Make sure your particular location is displayed at the top of the screen before logging in. 
I can’t connect to the Washer or Dryer
Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on. 

For Iphones, please go to your Settings and scroll down to the LaundryConnect Pay app settings and be sure Bluetooth is turned on for the LaundryConnect Pay app.

How do I load money into my account?

On the main screen, there is a “Refill My Account” button. Tap it, log in to your account, enter your payment information, and select an amount to add. The funds are automatically placed in your account.

Is my credit card transaction secure?

Yes. LaundryConnect™ Pay transactions are SSL encrypted by your smartphone when connecting to our PCI-certified transaction host for the latest in transaction security.

There’s no connectivity in the laundry room. What should I do?

Simply log into your account prior to entering the laundry room and the app will work without connectivity using Bluetooth.

What do I do if I can’t find the machine(s) with Bluetooth?

Your phone’s Bluetooth might be frozen. Put your phone in “Airplane” mode for one second and then turn off “Airplane” mode and try again.

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Automatic Laundry App

If your location has MobilePay

Get the App.
Do Laundry.

Download app

  1. Download the Automatic Laundry App
  2. Connect the app to your credit card
  3. Use your mobile device to pay for laundry
Don’t have mobile pay? Ask your property manager about enabling Automatic Laundry’s app-based laundry payment system. 
App Interface