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How to use the 3-way Add Value Kiosk


Q: How do I get a Laundry Card?

A: Many Add Value Terminals are equipped with laundry card dispensers. Please check the machine in your building, often located in a laundry room or other common space, to see if the terminal has a BUY option. If you do not see that option, please email or call the client experience team at 617-969-4340 and choose option 1 for further assistance.

Please note that there is a $5.00 cost for a new laundry card. The card will be dispensed without value. If purchasing a card with cash, please only use a $5.00 bill. The Add Value Terminal does not make change, nor does it apply credit to a new laundry card purchase.

Q: What if my Laundry Card is lost or stolen?

A: Please treat your laundry card like cash, as Automatic Laundry has no way to recover the balance of a lost or stolen card. If a card is lost or stolen, the resident will be responsible to purchase a replacement card and value.

Q: I purchased a Laundry Code but I didn’t get a Code Number or I didn’t write it down?

A: Please log into your account to view your TRANSACTION HISTORY. This will allow you to see your most recently purchased code, or filter by date to look up past transactions.  As always, if you have questions, please reach out to our Client Experience Team at or (617) 969-4340 and press option 1.

Q: The Laundry Code entered is not adding the value onto my Laundry Card or displays Invalid Code or Error Message?

A:  Codes are created for specific laundry cards. Please verify that the code has been created for the correct laundry card and is being entered into the Add Value Terminal exactly as you have received it. Note that most Add Value Terminals will ask you to confirm the value amount of the code before you type the code itself into the terminal. Be aware that if the terminal does not have a key clearly marked ENTER then you should use the # key to enter your submissions.

Q: How can I find out my balance on my Laundry Card?

A:  Insert your Laundry Card into a Washer or Dryer and your balance will display on the screen. Please note that any time you press START, value will be deducted from your card.  You can also place it into the Add Value Terminal and your balance will appear on the display.