The 3-Way Add-Value Kiosk

Add funds with cash, debit or credit card, or a value code purchased here: 

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Apartment Buildings, Condos, Campuses, etc.

Purchasing a
Laundry Card

Getting a new laundry card has never been easier. The 3-Way Add-Value Kiosk gives residents the option to buy a laundry card with a code purchased on, cash, or a debit/credit card.

Add Value
with Credit Card

Add funds to your card right in the laundry room with our 3-way Add Value Kiosk. The credit card payment option means residents don’t need to collect coins until they have enough to do laundry and can put the exact amount needed on their card every time they need to use the laundry room.

Add Value
with Cash

Add funds to your laundry card with cash at our 3-way Add Value Kiosk. Giving residents an option to pay with cash is a flexible alternative that ensures everyone will be able to use the machines in your community laundry facility.

Add Value
with Code

Add value with a pre-purchased code for a quick and easy way to make sure you have the funds needed for a load of laundry.

Where Our Laundry Services Can Help

Laundry services for Apartments

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On Premise Laundry

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Improve Resident Experience
With Our App

Make getting laundry done as easy as possible for residents with our mobile app. The LaundryConnect™ App gives residents the ability to view the real-time usage of machines in a community laundry room.

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