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To report service, please fill out the form below. For emergencies call: 617-969-4340.

Automatic Laundry

45 Border Street
West Newton, MA 02465


Our web-based dispatching system, in combination with GPS tracking technology, allows our service managers to efficiently dispatch all service requests.

In addition to responding to service calls, our service technicians conduct routine laundry room inspections to ensure that no out of service machines go unreported.

We number each machine to make the reporting of an out-of-service machine easier and more accurate.

Our comprehensive preventative maintenance program has been designed to reduce equipment breakdowns and ensure that our equipment is fully operational.

Automatic Laundry pledges to continue to provide the best equipment and the fastest service available.

Common Error Codes

EC##: Error on Card Remove card, clean dirt or debris from microchip on card and try again.

EnFlo: Error on Fill Water is not getting to machine, make sure water is turned on.

EDL: Error on Door Lock Remove obstruction from door and make sure door is closed properly/firmly.

ED O: Error on Door Remove obstruction from door and make sure door is closed properly/firmly.

IE: Water Issue – Make sure water to machine is turned on.

UE: Balance Issue – Load is unbalanced. Make sure the proper amount of clothing is loaded and distributed correctly.

DE: Door Issue – Make sure door is firmly closed.

SUdS: Soap Issue – Too much detergent. Wait until error goes away.

In the unlikely event that the washer door does not unlock one minute after the cycle is complete, simply unplug the washer, leave it unplugged for five minutes, push the door inward and pull on handle.