Owning a laundromat can be very profitable. With the right machines, pricing, and location you can make a good profit throughout the year. Plus, regardless of the economy, washing clothing is essential, which means it is always a needed service. In fact, with the rise in Millenials living in apartments longer, it is expected that the number of people who will need laundromat services will continue to rise in 2020. That said, running a laundromat is a complex process. From bad customers to broken machines to water bills there is a lot to consider when running your own laundromat service. Automatic laundry exists to help solve problems for laundromat owners with our specialized washers and dryers. Here are a few of the most common issues laundromats deal with year-round.

Broken Laundry Machines

Whether through overuse or misuse your machines will eventually break. And as much as you want to handle it by cleaning lint trays and following the general maintenance requirements of your machine you cannot stop wear and tear. This is especially true for laundromats in densely populated areas. Constant use of machines, especially by local residents who do not clean laundry professionally leads to issues. Automatic Laundry machines can self-report. With this feature, our maintenance teams can quickly find issues with machines before the machines breakdown. Although this cannot stop every problem, it does catch the majority of issues quickly.

Crowded Laundry Rooms

This can be categorized as a “good problem” to have. But crowded laundry rooms can turnoff new customers from using your laundromat. And if your location is accustomed to having very sporadic peak teams that are unevenly balanced by lows it might be something you want to fix. Many laundromats deal with the issue of having crowded rooms for short periods of time but having almost completely empty machines at other points. With the LaundryConnect system from Automatic Laundry, your most loyal customers can see from their phones or computers when there is an empty machine. This added level of convenience will add to the value of your laundry services and help distribute your customers more efficiently throughout the day.

High Water Bills

One of the biggest overhead costs for a laundromat is the water bills. Every load of laundry increases how much you will need to spend a month on water usage. Not only is that bad for your profits but it also isn’t great for the environment. Automatic Laundry’s environmentally friendly machines lower water bills, electric bills, and provide environmental benefits. Our machines are an investment that continues to pay off over time by providing your laundromat with more convenience and more usability.

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