With the introduction of closed-loop mobile payment apps for pay-per-use community laundry facilities in apartment buildings and condominiums, it is just a matter of time before laundry smart card-based payment systems become a thing of the past. It starts and ends with improving the overall resident experience.

With a mobile payment app like LaundryConnect™ Pay from Automatic Laundry, residents no longer need to:

• Purchase a laundry card when they move into the community.
• Carry around a separate card to do laundry or worry about losing their card which is the same as losing cash.
• Wonder what the balance is on their card.
• Take an elevator down ten flights or walk across the property to the rental office to load money onto their laundry card.
• Call the laundry service providers or customer service department because they are having trouble with their laundry card.
With a mobile payment app, it’s as simple as 1-2-3. Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store, register with a debit or credit card and start the washer or dryer by scanning the QR code on the machine or entering the machine number.

Today’s residents want fast and convenient experiences, and clearly, laundry mobile payment apps like LaundryConnect™ Pay help. Here’s how:

• Residents can register and loads funds anywhere, at any time, with their smartphone.
• Residents can easily find their account balance from the app and add funds to their account balance quickly.
• If a resident loses money due to a machine malfunction, a refund can be issued immediately to the balance on their account.
• And even if your community laundry room has no internet connection, as long as there is enough money on your mind you’re good to go as the phone connects to the machine via Bluetooth.

The death of laundry card-based payment systems may be a little premature. However, the demand for conveniences like mobile payment apps from apartment owners, residents and condominium boards will ultimately dictate when.