Gone are the days when laundry machines required quarters to operate. It’s a hassle for both the people who need to use the machines and those responsible for managing a community laundry room. On one hand, it requires residents to get coins in bulk to pay for these coin-operated machines, which means a trip to the bank or other location that may still have a roll of quarters.

On the business side, it’s always been hard for operators to lug coins to the bank to make a deposit and make sure the accounting is in order.

Time to Upgrade your Laundry Room

The need to accept payment with coins has changed for many, however, with the introduction of the Mobile Laundry Payment App from Automatic Laundry. The payment app give residents the ability to add funds to a laundry card and then use the machines as much as needed. Residents prefer this because it makes it easier to get laundry done fast and eliminates the need to rush to find all those coins!

When it comes to operators such as apartment building owners, campus admins, or property managers in general, installing a mobile payment system comes with several benefits that help with managing a laundry room. The first is that it enables a healthier cash flow because users that add funds to a smart laundry card via the mobile application tend to do so on a regular basis. Money from payments made with an app is also much easier to keep track of than quarters for accounting purposes.

Laundry Room Pricing Management

The mobile payment app from Automatic Laundry will also make laundry room pricing management much easier. Back in the day, raising or adjusting pricing would be difficult because it would be stuck with what types of coins could be used and how many. Even switching to a hybrid solution would require doing it in set increments, such as every 25 cents.

Instead, with an all-digital laundry room payment platform, you have much more flexibility in the increments prices are raised (such as five-cent increases). You can also incorporate dynamic pricing at the same time to give residents more options to get laundry done.
This helps with bookkeeping and accounting, as, again, everything is digital. The digital payment platform makes it easier to track costs and usage. If you’re ready to completely eliminate coins and cash, then you’ll eliminate the constant pick up and depositing of physical money to the bank as well.

mobile laundry payment system

Get a Laundry Room Residents will Love

Cashless laundry rooms are a more hygienic operation as physical cash tends to be quite dirty. With a mobile laundry app and smart laundry cards, you don’t have to handle cash, and you can make it a more contactless experience which many residents prefer. Residents who use laundry facilities where they live are generally happy with that aspect of their housing and are easier to retain than residents who do their laundry elsewhere.

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