If service matters to you and your residents (and it should), then the choice is very simple. Local service
providers can outperform national firms on almost every service and customer service metric. Here are
the eight most cogent reasons why you should consider partnering with a local service provider:

1. Knowledge & Experience

Service and customer service staffs are knowledgeable of the local marketplace, have a good
understanding of a given area’s dynamics and know exactly who to contact when there is an
emergency situation.

2. Immediate Customer Service

Local customer service staff have the ability to resolve customer issues in a single call. No
second and third customer callbacks required.

3. Same-Day & Next-Day Maintenance

Due to the close proximity of customer service with field service personnel, service response is
either the same day or next day with local service providers. At national firms, the disparity
between customer service (with out-of-state centralized call centers) and local field service can
translate to service response of 5 to 7 business days.

4. Flexibility & Customized Service

Because of their inherent size, local service providers are exponentially more nimble and thus
are able to adjust with changes in customers’ scope of work or request for special services.

5. Install Upgrades & New Technology Faster

The agility of local service providers also allows for easier implementation of customer-centric
technology infrastructure on location, that provides customer convenience and results in faster
service response times.

6. Accountability & Trust

There is perhaps nothing more frustrating than listening to a service provider representative
pass blame around when a performance problem occurs. National firms typically come across as
faceless entities that don’t particularly care when something goes wrong or even seem willing to
own up to their own mistakes. Local service providers are in a position to operate on a more
face-to-face basis with their customers, building relationships and trust. By holding themselves
accountable when an issue arises, local providers can further develop goodwill with clients.

7. Partner with Local Trade Associations & Regional Businesses

Locally owned and operated service providers will support local and regional businesses and
trade associations that are also supported by their customer base.

8. No Arbitrary Fees

And local service providers don’t charge their customers arbitrary Administrative Fees.

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