Automatic Laundry, a leading service provider of laundry room management in residential communities across the Northeast region, is committed to providing the most responsive service to its clients.  It’s why they outsource to us.

  • Able to speak to a live person in customer service.
  • Laundry equipment is serviced same day or next day.
  • Service technicians carry enough repair parts in their van to complete repair the first visit.
  • Dryer vents are cleaned upon request.
  • The payment technology implemented exceeds expectations.
  • Laundry equipment is replaced when needed.
  • We have doubled our parts and equipment inventory averting supply chain issues.
  • The sales rep returns phone calls or e-mails same day.
  • Requests for a copy of a lease agreement are sent same day or next day.
  • Revenue share payments are received on time.

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Why Choose Local Service Providers

If service matters to you (and it should), then the choice is very simple.  Local service providers can outperform national firms on almost every service and customer service metric.



Speed Queen for Multi-Housing

At its highest level, innovation simplifies, empowers and brings a more premium experience. That’s exactly what Speed Queen has done with the launch of the Wi-Fi enabled Quantum® Gold Pro control, built specifically for the multi-housing market.