During the pandemic, it is important for apartment buildings to find solutions for their tenants. Minimizing touchpoints, finding contactless alternatives, and keeping your building cleaned regularly can help protect the community living in your building. Common areas need special attention. Lobbies, hallways, elevators, and any community amenities all need to be carefully cleaned and policies need to be put in place to minimize potential spread of the disease. The community laundry room is one space that requires extra care. Over the course of the pandemic, your tenants will need to do laundry dozens of times, making this area of your building a potentially dangerous area. That is why Automatic Laundry is working with apartment buildings to help prevent the spread of the virus. Our technology and equipment can help minimize the number of people in the laundry room, contact with machines, and generally promote safety.

Cashless Payment Options for Laundry

The first way that Automatic Laundry can help is with Mobile App Pay. Our system allows your tenants to pay through an app eliminating one more level of contact when doing laundry. Of course, the buttons on a laundry machine, the doors, and the machine should still be wiped down often. But by adding contactless pay, we can decrease another potential risk for your tenants.

Social Distancing in Community Laundry Rooms

By far one of the best ways we can prevent the spread of the virus is through social distancing policies. The CDC has highly recommended social distancing and face coverings. Automatic Laundry makes this easier with our Laundry Connect Technology. Our system allows your tenants to track their laundry, see when machines are available, and better plan when they go do their laundry. By seeing when machines are in use, they can decide whether or not to bring their laundry to the community room. And because they can track their laundry remotely, they can leave the laundry room after they finish loading the washer or dryer. We are recommending to apartment and condo buildings that tenants use this technology and that they are only in the laundry room when they absolutely need to be. Folding clothing should be done in their units, and tenants should be encouraged not to wait in the laundry room for their cycle to complete.

Remote Laundry Solutions

Traditionally when a laundry machine reads an error, it can be difficult to solve that error without a technician coming by. That is where Automatic Laundry comes in. Our machines self-report, and in many cases, we can solve errors remotely without needing to send someone to your location. Our machines can be reset remotely, and errors can be cleared. Using this system we can decrease the number of unfamiliar people coming to your apartment or condo building during the pandemic. Of course, there are some errors that do require physical maintenance solutions. In those cases, we have extensive policies in place to ensure the safety of our workers and your tenants.

Get A Quote On Community Laundry Room Machines

Whether you manage a laundromat, a college, an apartment building, or you need on-premise laundry, our team is always available to provide free quotes on machines and answer questions about our equipment. During this time we are doing our part to make sure that tenants’ health is taken under consideration when it comes to laundry. Contact us for more information.