Any laundry room operator knows that besides a machine malfunctioning, one of the most frustrating situations is when the payment system doesn’t work. With older model laundry machines that only take physical currency, either coins or paper, if they break down, they can also eat into the laundromat margins and lead to unhappy residents. 

Many apartment building managers and campus laundry room management providers have found a great way to avoid coin-operated laundry completely by integrating a laundry card payment system. This will help eliminate many of the payment-related issues while at the same time adding the flexibility of updating pricing while handling the accounting. 

No more loose change

As mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to move your laundry room away from a cash system and become a cashless one. The switch to a card based laundry payment system can save time for staff because they won’t need to provide a change machine or manually count the funds and sales of your laundromat. Those periods of time that were eaten up due to meticulously counting all the currency in each individual machine could be eliminated easily by this digital payment integration.

Plus, in many cases, you can also get funds from laundry room payments much faster with transactions being made through the cards or mobile app. Previously laundromats would only receive funds when stopping the machines and manually taking money out of each one.

Easier laundry room pricing models

Another benefit comes from being able to price adjust accordingly. Coin-based laundry machines have manual adjustments that are analog and could break down. With a digital Laundry Card Payment system, you’re able to change the pricing as you see fit while allowing residents to easily pay to wash a load of laundry without needing exact change. Whether it’s in increments of $0.25 or in dollars is no longer an issue as the payments are fully digitized. 

Multiple payment options for residents

It makes the lives of customers easier as well since they don’t have to run around with a roll of quarters when they want to get the laundry done. Instead, they can pay securely with a credit/debit card and either add funds via a machine located in their laundry room or directly online. They can then use the prepaid card or the mobile application and simply scan the QR code of the machine to begin. That way, a customer doesn’t have to worry if they’ve brought enough to do their laundry which will make it easier for them to get laundry done fast.

In the end

A final note, the accounting for your laundry room will be much simpler because every transaction is being reported as it happens, not when it’s counted. This allows for a much more real-time cash flow analysis that helps laundromat managers ensure their facility is profitable. 

Don’t take any more time, and switch to the digital option with a laundry card payment system. You’ll remove the mess of physical currency, which also ends up being a liability for businesses that tend to be cash-heavy, and you’ll have customers having the ability to spend as much as needed on laundry, not just how many quarters they have in their pockets. Contact Automatic Laundry to learn more about taking payments from your laundry room with a Laundry Card Payment System today.