It is 2020, and in New York City, Boston, Hartford, and Providence, more and more people are renting later in their life instead of buying homes. It has become more common for recent graduates to rent well into their late 20s and early 30s. For that reason, the property rental market continues to grow and become more competitive. Offering the must-have amenities and the “nice to have” amenities is key in staying competitive. And on the top of many applicant lists is laundry services. That is why community laundry services continue to grow in popularity throughout the northeast.

What Is a Community Laundry Room?

A community laundry room is a laundry service option for multi-housing, apartments, and condos. It is an alternative option for offering no laundry service and requiring your tenants to find their own laundromat or offering in-unit laundry. Overall, community laundry rooms offer a variety of benefits to the residents, the property owners, and the community at large.

Benefits of Community Laundry Rooms For Residents

There are a variety of benefits of community laundry rooms for residents, especially for young recent college students that just left the community laundry room on campus. First, community laundry rooms are convenient. The average laundromat has to be shared with the entire local community. Laundromats can be sparse in some areas, and can easily be over capacity. Most buildings that get community laundry machines, get one pair of machines for every 8-10 apartments. Another element of convenience is the fact that the laundry is in-building. Instead of having to lug your laundry down the street (and lose some clothes along the way), tenants can just bring their clothes to the laundry room inside. Additionally, there are more payment options. Laundry cards and app pay allow for more convenient forms of payment over traditional coin-only machines. Having a community laundry room also means that tenants aren’t expected to maintain their own machines, waste square footage or closet space to have machines, or worry about buying and moving their own machines.

Benefits of Community Laundry Rooms For Property Owners

The first key benefit of a community laundry room is that it adds value to your building. Having in building laundry availability will surely bring more eyes to your listing on an apartment rental website. Laundry is one of the most important amenities that tenants look for. And compared to in-unit machines, a community laundry room uses less water and therefore limits utility cost. With Automatic Laundry, there is no upfront cost to getting our machines installed in your building. You can easily add value to your apartment or multi-housing unit by just having our team provide a free location survey and having our machines installed. We also handle all maintenance for the machines.

Benefits of Community Laundry Rooms For The Community

Additionally, community laundry is more environmentally friendly. Community machines save both energy and water which is great for the city or town they are put in. Overall, shared utilities continue to bring down the carbon footprint of the communities where they are installed. At Automatic Laundry, we go one step further and only use technology that is designed for energy efficiency.

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