Why Laundry Card Technology is a Must-Have In Your Laundry Room

There are plenty of reasons you want to ensure that your laundry room is full of the right technology, whether you’re starting to build out your community laundry room or considering refurbishing it. 

You may think laundry and laundry machines are analog processes, so why would we need to use technology in that case? The reality is it will help towards a smoother operation running as efficiently as possible. It all starts with a laundry card as that first core piece of technology.

Using the smart laundry card

A smart laundry card means having a cashless payment system. So, for example, when you’re building out a community laundry room in an apartment building, having that smart laundry card means the end of having to have quarters with you come laundry day. Instead, you can use the smart laundry card, top it up whenever, either via the mobile laundry app, online, or at the community laundry room and use that card to be able to pay for the laundry machines. 

That means no more machine maintenance due to coin jams or the machine filling up with the money. You don’t need to put that machine out of service, which also means more washed loads and, thus, more revenues. 

On top of that, there’s an added layer of security as you won’t need to bring your purse or wallet with you if already topped up, and for potential theft of your items, stealing a smart laundry card doesn’t seem worthwhile. As mentioned, it’s also cashless, meaning it’s a lot more hygienic and helps prevent the spread of germs. 

Better for your cashflow

Another great use for the smart laundry card with a mobile laundry app functionality is that it’s a prepaid, cash-upfront system, meaning the laundry gets paid before it’s even used. This can help with cashflows and keep them healthy, as well as getting the money instantly instead of taking physical money periodically to the bank for a deposit. No driving back and forth, no bank lines, and no hassle. 

It also helps your cash flow when you need to raise pricing. You no longer need to wait longer between price increases due to denomination limitations (such as raising the price by 25 cents), but you can digitally increase it by a few cents at a time. 

Don’t forget about scalability

Now that you’ve made the community laundry room one step to being a smart one, it’s also one that will grow with you. You can add and remove machines that won’t need that bulky cash acceptance apparatus, and whenever there are upgrades to the system, the upgrade will send it across to all the various machines that are interconnected to the smart laundry card system. 

In the end

Your residents will thank you for this level of convenience that also helps your operational flows become much easier, with trackable data and looking for how best to continuously optimize the community laundry room.