What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is a system where an object or group of objects are connected over an internet network. In this system, the objects can collect and share information over the network. The Internet of Things has been called the next “industrial revolution”  by some because of how it will effect the way that people, businesses, and society will communicate and interact with the world.

In many ways, the Internet of Things is already very real and already here. New cars come loaded with apps, smart home appliances allow us to control our thermostat with a smart phone, and even municipal trash cans can alert the waste department when they are full. Needless to say, the Internet of Things is already having a big impact on our everyday life, while playing a big part in how governments and businesses operate.

Laundry Tracker Connect

For Automatic Laundry, the Internet of Things has provided a unique opportunity to help us connect people with their laundry machines in a way that will help them save time and make their lives more convenient.

The Internet of Things provides a perfect solution to the inconvenience of apartment laundry. Tenants can now use our Laundry Tracker Connect system on their computer or phone to find out if there are open washers or dryers in their apartment laundry facilities. For parents with young children, this can be very convenient, saving you a trip that could be wasted if the machines are all in use.

You can also use the Laundry Tracker Connect system to have text messages sent directly to your phone when your laundry is done, or when a laundry machine has become available. You can even check the progress of your laundry using the system.

On our side of things, the Laundry Tracker Connect will immediately alert us if there is a malfunctioning machine. This means we don’t have to wait until a tenant encounters any malfunctions. Our service team can take care of the issue before it even becomes an issue.

The Internet of Things is already having a big impact on society and Automatic Laundry’s Laundry Tracker Connect system is already improve the way we do laundry. To learn more about our Laundry Tracker Connect, request information about our on-premise laundry services.