As a college, it is your goal to provide a good experience for your on-campus students. From providing them with great dorm rooms to dining options and fun events on campus, a lot of effort and work goes towards the college experience. And with all of the services you provide your students, there is often room for feedback and improvements. In many cases, students will voice issues with their dining halls or the amenities of their dorm buildings. One service in particular that students often have issues with is the campus laundry facility. Here are a few of the most common issues students write about when talking about their dorm building laundry.

Consistently Broken Machines

The first issue comes in many forms: broken machines. This category covers a wide variety of smaller issues. The most prevalent of which are machines that charge students but do not effectively wash or dry their clothes. For instance, many students will complain about paying for a full load of laundry only to come back and find that either the washer left their clothing smelling like mold or that the dryer failed to heat. Aside from this, machines that stay “out of order” for entire months or semesters are another issue that registers as a top complaint with students. The two key solutions to this problem are to invest in machines that can handle the workload of a dorm building and to work with a community laundry management company that can effectively fix machines.

Bad Laundry Room Placement

Another common complaint is the location of laundry machines on campus. This is especially prevalent for schools in the northeast. When students in one dorm building have to lug their laundry to another building across campus to do their laundry they often complain and put off doing their laundry until they have no option. Many students even joke about the life hacks they come up with to avoiding needing to do laundry during freezing winter months because they don’t want to bring their clothes across campus during blizzard weather. Designing campus buildings to not only have laundry rooms but to also have the proper commercial laundry equipment is important to keep your student’s lives convenient.

Smart Laundry App InterfaceMachines That Only Take Quarters

Lastly, one problem that gets tossed around a lot is payment methods. More than any other demographic, today’s college students are tired of coin-only laundry machines. Most students pay for everything through apps or their credit/debit cards. And in the rare times that they do use paper cash, they do not use it enough to gather enough change to consistently do laundry. Simply adding machines that allow students to pay with a smart laundry card or mobile laundry payment app will not only increase how often students are able to do their laundry but also how they feel about on-campus amenities and services.

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