You may not think much of your laundry room, but maybe you should start thinking of it as a space that needs to have some character much like any room in your home. It may need some household improvement work done to make it cohesive with the rest of your home’s interior decor. You can create a space that’s organized, fresh and appealing for doing laundry. If you’ve already picked out a place for your laundry room, here are some great laundry room ideas that you could try.


  1. Pick a Vibrant Color Scheme

Bright and cheerful colors are the way to go when doing a laundry room paint job. This will help to shape the mood of the space. Rich citrus tones, such as lime green, yellow or orange are good to paint colors to add, while a crisp, bright white can go a long way to brighten the laundry room and set the mood.


  1. Create Counter Space

Every laundry room should have decent counter space for folding, placing your laundry basket, laundry detergent and other cleaning aids. You can get creative and get a custom counter fashioned for your specific needs, or add an island if the square footage is available for maximum counter space.


  1. Get Built-In Cabinetry

Take your laundry room from low-end to high-end with custom-cabinetry. You can find inexpensive options that you can use to elevate the look of your laundry room. Consider adding contemporary style cabinetry that is versatile and features a drawer pull style that can serve a dual function as a towel or hanger rack.


  1. Make the Walls Visually Appealing With Pattern

Modernize your laundry room with patterns and textures. This can be done with the use of wallpaper and backsplash. Your choice in wallpaper should be a bold, modern pattern, moisture resistant and ideally in vinyl paper. Backsplash can be an expensive choice, but it can create a high-end look to your laundry room.


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