Getting everyday tasks completed has proven to be challenging in many ways during the coronavirus pandemic and community laundry rooms are no exception. Putting the newest technology for laundry service options in place can help with less contact in the laundry room which can help make residents feel more comfortable. Features like remote laundry notifications and mobile pay can also help improve resident satisfaction because laundry can get done fast. 

Here’s how our latest new laundry equipment installation at a five-story apartment building in New Jersey with The Community Builders is helping residents get their laundry done:

  • 10 new Speed Queen Quantum washers and dryers

Speed Queen uses the latest technology to build high-quality machines that last. The compact design helped us make the most of the laundry room space so multiple residents can get laundry done at the same time. The machines are connected to our LaundryConnect™ remote laundry monitoring service that sends text alerts to residents when their laundry is done or when a machine becomes available. 

  • Crowd management technology so residents can schedule their laundry during times when social distancing is easier

Everyone’s tensions have been high when it comes to using community spaces with others during the Coronavirus pandemic. Our crowd management technology was added to help ease anxiety by allowing residents to check when the laundry room will be the busiest with a mobile app so they can do laundry when it’s not a peak time. 

  • IoT connected washers and dryers which report service directly to us

These “smart” washers and dryers know when something is wrong and needs to be addressed and will alert service teams right away. Automatic Laundry is often able to solve washer and dryer problems remotely so a visit from a technician isn’t required. 

  • Remote service capabilities for fast service response

All Automatic Laundry service vehicles are monitored using GPS technology and service calls are dispatched through our computerized call system. When a service call is placed, we are able to immediately see which technician is closest to the location requiring service, and dispatch the nearest service van. The apartment building in Jersey City is able to get laundry room issues resolved as quickly as possible to avoid more costly repairs and keep residents happy.

  • Payment technology so residents can pay for laundry with a mobile app or use a contactless laundry card with a central payment kiosk

With LaundryConnect™ PAY residents can download our mobile laundry app, register with a debit or credit card, and start the machine simply  by scanning the QR code. Systems such as our Resident Advantage® offer a coin-less amenity that is an attractive feature to many who are tired of searching through spare change to do laundry. 

new laundry equipment installation

Providing excellent community laundry room management service and the latest technologies is how Automatic Laundry separates itself from the competition. Our modern laundry room technology allows us to eliminate time-consuming service visits and maintenance hassles to maximize resident satisfaction. Learn more about how Automatic Laundry can upgrade your community laundry room with new equipment and tools to make getting laundry done as easy as possible.