Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, most laundromats have remained open, having been deemed an essential service by most cities early on. If there was ever a time precautionary measures were necessary, it’s now with a rise in the number of infections. The stakes are high, and it is of paramount importance for laundromat owners to safely operate their business and ensure that customers can safely do their laundry. Here are some steps that you can take to enhance safety that is not limited to hand sanitization and limited entrants.


Keep Store Especially Clean 

Regularly cleaning your store is one of the simplest ways to minimize the spread of germs. Keep an adequate supply of disinfectant wipes or sprays around, and you or your employers should wipe down any surfaces, especially frequently-used or high-contact surfaces, once interacted with by a customer. Be sure to regularly clean surfaces such as laundry equipment, like washer and dryer, vending machines, seating, doorknobs, laundry carts, and laundry baskets.


Invest in Virus-killing Washers For Your Store

A powerful laundry system equipped with virus-killing settings can mean a world of difference for your business during this pandemic. With superior-quality machines in your store, you can market to your customers why you are the best option around and why they should choose and stick with you. Your choice of state-of-the-art laundry equipment will likely convince customers that you have their best interest at heart by prioritizing their health and safety.


Stick With Contactless Payment Options

Limiting personal contact is a crucial aspect of preventing the coronavirus spread, and having contactless payment in your store is convenient in the fight. Payment options, such as card and mobile apps, prevent customers, and laundromat staff from having cash exchanges, running the risk of touching high-contact surfaces. Going contactless also eliminated the need for coin boxes as well. Some laundromats have payment systems that use a QR code on their mobile phone to pay for services.


Have Staff Wear PPE 

Simply working in laundry rooms has the potential to increase exposure to germs. Motivate your staff to all wear PPE (personal protective equipment) as a mitigating measure to prevent the contraction of viruses. It’s crucial for staff to wear face masks and rubber gloves to limit transmission because your staff is constantly interacting with the public. Keep in mind that the coronavirus infections spread through respiratory droplets by direct contact, making wearing PPE a critical safety measure.


Post-In-store Signage Highlighting Clear Safety Guidelines

It’s essential to communicate your laundromat’s safety guidelines with both staff and customers by utilizing display signage, which is simple yet effective. The signage should be explanatory, direct, concise, and helpful. Display the physical distancing requirement, the need for a face mask or no entry, as well as the value of certain services provided, like the sanitizing rinse cycle. Highlight all the safety measures you have taken to give your customers some peace of mind. Make the language simple and easily digestible. 


If you are unsure about making your laundromat a safe zone for your staff and customers during this pandemic, Automatic Laundry can help you enhance your safety. We have the tools that will help fight against the spread of viruses. We have your laundromat covered!