Property owners, managers, and trustees outsource laundry services so staff can focus on the core functions of owning and managing the property.  When you choose Automatic Laundry to manage your laundry needs you’re opting for fast, convenient service with 24/7 online reporting capability so that any machine malfunction is repaired the same or the next day. We will have the commercial laundry equipment in your facility up and running again as quickly as possible. 

At Automatic Laundry, we know our customers outsource laundry management to make their life easier.  By promoting direct service requests from residents, we eliminate the burden on property managers and owners.  Our goal is to handle resident inquiries in one phone call and repair any machine malfunction the same or very next day! We know that keeping residents happy is one of the most important parts of running community laundry facilities. Residents will typically have options when it comes to doing their laundry and we want to make sure that they will keep using your community laundry room. 

Here are the top five reasons why owners, managers, and trustees outsource their laundry room management to Automatic Laundry:

  1. There are no upfront capital costs for commercial laundry equipment, payment system technology, delivery, or installation. These funds can be redirected to other leasehold improvement projects like HVAC, roofing, painting, lighting, flooring, and the like.
  2. Service of the laundry equipment and payment technology is managed entirely by the local service provider.  There is no need to burden property management staff with carrying the correct parts inventory and the labor needed to repair machines.
  3. The proper installation of the dryer vents as well as the necessary cleaning of those dryer vents.  If dryers are not installed correctly (e.g. single vent runs for each dryer) or cleaned periodically, energy costs increase while the resident experience deteriorates.
  4. The management of complex payment systems including smart cards, payment kiosks, credit card processors, cellular or LAN connectivity as well as system security and PCI compliance. Payment systems require expertise that can easily be provided by local service providers.

Laundry Room Management Services

When you make the decision to outsource your laundry room management needs to Automatic Laundry you can rest assured knowing that your facility will always be running at its peak performance. Minimizing machine downtime is one of our top priorities, our remote monitoring system allows us to know about potential issues with our commercial laundry equipment before they ever become a problem so we can take care of laundry equipment issues efficiently.  Our superior service is coupled with the best technology in the industry will give you the flexibility to meet changing business and commercial conditions at your property. Our Mobile app, LaundryConnect™ PAY will give your residents ease of use and convenience that will ensure they do their laundry in your facility.