It doesn’t matter if you are an incoming freshman or a senior, living in a dorm, living in an apartment complex, or living with a fraternity. Knowing proper laundry etiquette matters. Most college students’ only experience with laundry prior to college was doing it at home. If you don’t have much experience doing laundry at all you should check out our campus laundry tutorial. At home, the most conflict you will have to deal with is with your siblings or when your parents need you to unload the dryer. But in college, you now share a laundry room with up to 100 people. And that means you need to be conscious of other people, their clothing, their schedule, and just generally their right to do laundry. Here are a few basic tips to help new and older students with shared laundry rooms.

When Should You Remove Someone Else’s Clothing?

So it is Sunday night, and almost everyone and their roommate is washing their clothing. (Quick tip: washing laundry on weekdays between classes is the best way to avoid the laundry rush). But if you have to wash during peak time, you are probably going to get annoyed when you see a full washer that isn’t running. You may consider removing the laundry and placing it nearby. And you may wonder when it is ok to move someone else’s clothes. Generally, you should avoid doing this. However, if their clothing is in the drier and it is dry, that is possibly the only circumstance where moving laundry is acceptable. If it is damp, the student may want to run an additional cycle, and if it is in a washer you just shouldn’t move it. Not only is this a disrespectful move against the other student, but wherever the soaking wet clothing ends up is also a problem.

A man doing laundryDo I Need To Stay In The Laundry Room?

Let’s take that same problem from the other perspective. If you have experienced the annoyance of your clothing be moved you were probably frustrated (especially if it was moved when wet). Some students avoid this by bringing their laptops into the laundry room and doing homework (or streaming, let’s be honest). That solution works granted there is room to sit that one bother anyone else and you want to sit in thelaundry room. But generally, if that isn’t feasible, the respectful thing to do is set timers on your phone so you can promptly remove the laundry after a session. Set the timer 5 minutes early so you can give yourself time to get to the room. You do not want to be the student who is hogging a machine.

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