Enhance the Laundry Room Management Experience with Technology

At Automatic Laundry, we recognize that the future of payment systems is in wireless, cloud-based solutions. That’s why we’re installing our exclusive mobile payment system, LaundryConnect™ Pay on many college campuses across the northeast. Our goal is to improve the student experience, making it more likely that they will do laundry in an on-campus laundry facility rather than off campus.

The Benefits of LaundryConnect™ Pay

Here are a few benefits that make LaundryConnect™ Pay ideal for university laundry services:

  • Lower capital expense and ongoing support fees than campus card systems
  • Fewer service issues (system failures, refund processing, user errors) than campus card systems
  • Payments managed by the most robust mobile payment platform available in the market today
  • A massive reduction in the downtime of equipment due to our laundry machine monitoring system.

LaundryConnect™ Pay Offers Unprecedented Convenience

And for students, LaundryConnect™ Pay offers unprecedented convenience. Using our free app, available from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store, students can:

  • Do laundry without coins or a campus card
  • Load an initial balance from a debit or credit card
  • Quickly find available machines in the laundry room
  • Start a washer or dryer with a cell phone using Bluetooth technology (no need for a cellular signal)
  • Receive an e-mail or text update when laundry is finished or a machine becomes available
  • Report a machine that’s in need of service
  • Request a refund

Additionally, Automatic Laundry’s proprietary LaundryConnect™ links the commercial washers and dryers installed on campus to the internet. Students can access a laundry monitoring web page that shows the availability of machines in real time and can opt to be e-mailed or texted when machines become available, or when their laundry cycle is finished. With LaundryConnect™, students can see when the laundry room is inactive and plan doing their laundry during off-peak times.

Also with LaundryConnect™ Laundry Monitoring and Remote Service technology, we have the ability to repair over 80% of machine malfunctions remotely via the internet. This means that over 80% of the time, when a machine breaks down, we do not need to roll a service van to repair the problem. The reduction in fuel consumption powered by fewer miles driven and the life cycle extension of our vehicle fleet puts us miles ahead of the competition from both a sustainability and machine downtime perspective. This provides for a greatly enhanced Student Laundry Experience on campus being delivered in the most sustainably responsible way.