Whether you have a contract with the College or are a part of the College itself, managing on-campus laundry rooms can be a big headache. With so many people living on campus, and the constant need to do laundry, it’s essential to have the best laundry equipment so anyone can get laundry done easily.

There’s also a good chance that there will be limited space in your campus laundry rooms, so taking the time to find machines that use space as effectively as possible will help to fulfill the needs of your college laundry room management.

Find the Right Laundry Equipment

Going to a Home Depot or Best Buy and buying several machines isn’t the best option for on-campus laundry equipment. Commercial-grade laundry machines that can handle the continuous usage present in college campus laundry rooms is essential. Machines that constantly clog up or require maintenance will only add to your to-do list and you want to ensure that you keep the machines running as often as possible.

Laundry rooms can also be a great source of income for many college campuses, as it’s common to charge for laundry. With the high volume of machine cycles that will occur, the revenues will keep coming in. That’s why getting the best washers and dryers from commercial laundry equipment providers will help keep the operations running smoothly.

Automate Laundry Operations

Now that you know to work with expert commercial laundry equipment partners, you also want to think of simplicity. That means you’ll want to ensure there’s a cashless laundry payment system is in place, so there’s no need to worry about coin collection or a breakdown with the money changer. With a simple card kiosk payment system and our LaundryConnect™ mobile app, you’re able to digitize the entire payment process completely and simplify laundry operations across campus. A mobile laundry payment system allows for incremental price increases that can be implemented quickly and don’t have to follow specific amounts such as a quarter of a dollar.

The remote laundry room monitoring system can also alert Automatic Laundry whenever a potential problem with a machine is flagged so we can make sure your machines continue to operate as efficiently as possible.

Efficient Campus Laundry

campus laundry room appTake a step into the future and ensure that your laundry rooms are operating as efficiently as possible with Automatic Laundry. College residents love our cashless laundry payment systems because they’re able to pay for machines fast and check on availability remotely.

You’ll also get a system to handle the admin aspect of the campus laundry rooms, offer refunds, and address any errors with ease. Don’t spend time thinking about how much extra work this will take. Upgrade your campus laundry rooms and improve resident experience with modern laundry equipment from Automatic Laundry. Contact us for a Free Site Survey to find out more about how we can modernize your on-campus laundry rooms.