Clothing is one of the most overlooked germ nests that your baby is exposed to. It is imperative to wash baby garments in the right way; otherwise, it can leave your baby more vulnerable to skin allergies or, even worse, catching infections and diseases.


As we all know, the immune system of young children is ever-evolving. You have to be very careful about what you do to keep your baby safe and healthy. Well, don’t worry, we are going to share with you a couple of tips that can put your fears to rest.


Here are the four important things you should know when it comes to washing baby garments:


Always Wash New Clothes Before Use


Various substances such as harmful chemicals are used to prevent mold, moisture, and coloring chemicals are used to treat different materials that go into making baby garments. The fact is that new clothes are dirtier than they actually look or smell. You must toss them in the washer at least once before wearing them. It is recommended to use special detergent powder for baby garments of newborn babies.


Always Rinse Twice


Soap that is residue on garments can increase the risk of skin allergies and irritations. Whenever you are hand washing a baby’s clothing, rinse the garment thoroughly with clean water only to ensure that the soap is fully removed from the clothes. After rinsing them twice, let them properly dry otherwise, a little moisture in the fabric can cause irritation and rashes.


Disinfect Baby Clothes properly


There are several convenient ways to disinfect baby garments besides using baby-friendly detergent and separating your washes. For example, _____ are offering automated laundry systems in which solar heat technology is utilized that penetrate evenly through the fabric and disinfect all the germs, bacteria, and odor effectively. All you need to do is hang your baby garments on the rack and let it work its magic!


Regular Or Weekly Hot Washes 


It is essential to practice regular hot washing when it comes to your children’s bedsheets and toys because of the spit-up and diaper blow-outs. It is also very crucial for the budding parent to know that dust mites feed off whatever your baby has left behind in the cot. So, if the sheets go unwashed for too long, these pesky creatures may have snuggled up in between the fabric. Hence, it is crucial to hot wash all the garments, toys, and other baby accessories.

Bacteria Are All Around Your baby.


If you’re a budding parent or a parent to be, you would definitely not like the thought of bacteria lurking and hanging around your baby. We hope that this list was helpful as we’re sure you must be continuously striving to create the cleanest environment at your home.


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