Does your washing machine smell? Whether you have a single machine in your apartment or condo building, or you own a laundromat, machines smelling can be a real problem. There are many reasons why a laundry machine might begin to smell. It could be anything from bacteria, mildew, soap scum, or even mold. Regardless of what causes the smell, a smelly laundry machine will no longer provide clothes with a clean scent. Instead, clothing will begin to smell like mildew, and this can become a big problem if you own a laundromat.

Is Your Washing Machine Moldy

Mold is a common problem for washing machines and laundry rooms. Mold thrives in warm, wet, and dark areas. All of which can be found in and around your washing machine, especially if your machine leaks. Often the mold can be just above the waterline inside a machine. Mold inside your laundry machine can be solved by cleaning the machine with bleach. Many laundry machines have a cleaning cycle, however, if your machine does not come with this feature, you can use a hot wash cycle. Running machines without laundry and with a small amount of bleach will generally take care of the interior mold.

What To Do If A Cleaning Cycle Doesn’t Work

If a cleaning cycle does not cure the problem, inspect around your machine. If you find mold around the base of the machine, you will need to clean mold the affected area. Regardless, it may be time to call for a laundry maintenance team. Often times what causes mold growth inside and around laundry machines are leaks in the pipes. If you cannot fix your laundry machine you will need to call the manufacturer to find a solution. Otherwise, you may consider replacing the machine with a newer model. Whichever you choose, you should never try and overpower mold and mildew smells by just using more fragrant detergent. Mold can be a health risk for you and your customers and it needs to be dealt with efficiently.

Contact Automatic Laundry

For colleges, apartment buildings, and laundromats operating throughout New England, Automatic laundry can help. Unlike big-name brand laundry machine providers, our team is always available to help troubleshoot and repair the machines we install. If you are looking for laundry machines that will make your customers or tenants happy, and a team that can support your laundry room, contact us.