Remember the laundry day scramble? Desperately searching for quarters under couch cushions, borrowing from neighbors, or facing a mountain of dirty clothes because you simply couldn’t find enough change?  

Those days are over! Coin-operated laundry machines have been the standard in apartment complexes, co-op buildings and other multifamily units for decades, but technology is changing the game. Card-operated washers and dryers, often paired with a mobile laundry payment system, offer a multitude of benefits for both residents and building management.

Convenience Reigns Supreme: Ditch the Coin Chaos

Let’s face it, laundry day is rarely a highlight of the week. Why add the stress of finding quarters to the mix? Card-operated laundry equipment eliminates this frustration. Residents simply scan their smart laundry card to start a cycle and add funds with a credit card at an easy-to-use payment kiosk or on the mobile payment app. There’s also a dedicated laundry app to check cycle status and machine availability that residents can use to make getting laundry done as easy as possible. No more digging through change jars or relying on the kindness of neighbors. This streamlined approach saves valuable time and reduces the stress associated with laundry day, especially for busy residents juggling work, family, and other commitments.

Peace Out, Coin Shortages: A Boon for Building Management

Coin-operated machines come with a hidden burden for building managers – the constant headache of managing coin shortages and overflowing coin canisters. Card-operated laundry systems eliminate these hassles.  

The system handles all the money electronically, making it more secure and reducing the need for frequent cash collection. This translates to less time spent managing cash flow and more time focusing on other important building maintenance tasks.

Enhanced Security & Tracking: Peace of Mind for Everyone

Card-operated laundry systems often have built-in security features that enhance peace of mind for residents and building management. Residents can limit the amount they add to their card, allowing for easier tracking of laundry usage and deterring misuse of machines.  

This can be particularly beneficial in larger co-op building laundry rooms where it can get busy at specific times. Property managers also gain valuable insights into machine usage patterns, allowing them to identify potential security vulnerabilities and proactively address them.

Streamlined Maintenance & Revenue Management: Data-Driven Decisions

Modern laundry equipment offers detailed usage data and reports. This information is a goldmine for building management. Usage data allows them to track machine performance, identify potential maintenance needs before they become major problems, and optimize pricing strategies based on actual usage patterns. 

A Modern Amenity for Residents: Attracting and Retaining Tenants

In today’s competitive housing market, offering modern amenities is key to attracting and retaining residents. Upgrading to a card-operated laundry system shows residents that the building management is committed to providing a convenient and hassle-free living experience.  Additionally, offering a mobile laundry app can further enhance the amenity by allowing residents to remotely check machine availability and receive cycle-end notifications. This level of convenience and control demonstrates a commitment to resident satisfaction, making your co-op building a more attractive option for potential tenants.

Making the Switch: Easier Than You Think

Upgrading to card-operated washers and dryers might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Automatic Laundry offers comprehensive on-premise laundry equipment installation and support services.  

We can guide you through the entire process, from equipment selection to resident communication. Their expertise ensures a smooth transition and minimizes disruption for residents.