Co-op Building On-premise Laundry

Are you a property manager in NYC? Do you oversee a multi-family living space? If so, you’ll find Automatic Laundry’s smart card laundry equipment solutions tailored for co-op buildings to be invaluable. Let’s explore the advantages for both you and your tenants.

On Premise Laundry (OPL) Solutions

Commercial Laundry Equipment

apartment complex laundry

Cashless Laundry Card Payment System

Discover the convenience and efficiency of a cashless card-based payment system in NYC co-op building laundry rooms. Tenants can say goodbye to searching for coins and hello to seamless transactions with a laundry card. Enjoy easy reloading options, track usage, and ensure secure payments every time. Simplify laundry days and enhance tenant satisfaction with a modern payment solution tailored to urban living.

Remote monitoring capabilities also help tenants avoid unnecessary trips to the laundry room with the ability to check the status of their cycle and machine availability real-time.



Hygiene Assurance

On-premise Installation

Operational Control

Remote Monitoring


Eco-friendly Equipment

Eco-friendly Equipment Installation

Eco-friendly laundry equipment works by incorporating advanced technologies and design features that reduce water, energy, and detergent usage during the laundry process. By installing Eco-friendly Laundry Equipment, you not only reduce water and energy consumption but also lower operating costs.

Speed Queen Washers & Dryers from Automatic Laundry can provide efficient and sustainable solutions for laundry operations while reducing resource consumption and environmental impact. GPS Enabled Services also allow us to dispatch the technician closest to you when a service call is placed.

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