In a recent interview done by the CTAA Communications Committee, our very own President, Scott Scarpato, answered a few questions about Automatic Laundry and our services.

Who Are You, What Company Are You With, & What Do You Do With Your Company?

My name is Scott Scarpato and I am the President of Automatic Laundry. Automatic Laundry is an independent family-owned and operated business since 1964 and I am a second-generation owner. Our tagline Superior Service Solutions sums up what our daily mantra is.

What Services Does Automatic Laundry Provide And Who Is Its Clientele?

We manage community laundry facilities for apartment owners, management companies, condominium communities, colleges, and universities. Our service footprint covers the six states of New England as well as New York.

What Are Some of The Benefits Of Working With Automatic Laundry

We offer superior service solutions through:

a. Convenient Service Reporting

Residents and our clients can easily report a service issue via phone, website, or e-mail.

b. Local Customer Service

Our customer service staff is knowledgeable of the local marketplace, has a good understanding of a given area’s dynamics, and knows exactly who to contact when there is an emergency situation. They also have the ability to resolve customer issues in a single call, eliminating the need for customer callbacks.

c. Service Responsiveness

Due to the close proximity of customer service with our factory-trained field technicians driving fully stocked branded vans, our service response is either same day or next day. We also have a team of dedicated payment specialists to support a wide array of payment systems available today.

d. Dryer Ventilation Experts

The number one complaint from residents using community laundry rooms is dryers not drying clothes. At Automatic Laundry, we work with our customers to continually maintain the dryer vents to ensure proper and efficient drying, which increases resident satisfaction.

What Would You Say Is Unique About Automatic Laundry?

We have a “customer first” culture that permeates every department and every employee of our company. The proof of this lies in the fact that we have one of the highest customer retention rates in our industry. We don’t just talk the talk… we walk the walk. We are customer-obsessed here at Automatic Laundry. Fortunately for us, some of our national competitors have a “customer eventually” philosophy.

What Would You Be Voted “Most Likely To Do” By Your Coworkers?

“Most likely to change” to meet a customer need or expectation. The customer is always first.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working At Automatic Laundry?

The people of our organization. Our employees are the reason we have been in business for over 50 years. They continue to amaze me every day.

What Steps Should Be Taken By Interested Parties Interested In Establishing A Relationship With Automatic Laundry?

Call us at 617-969-4340; e-mail us at; visit our website at I guarantee you will get a quick response from our dedicated team. And when you do talk with our sales rep, be sure to ask for customer references.