Commercial laundry machines, just like home machines, need regular maintenance to ensure that they are working well and are able to keep up with the demands of your business. Unlike home machines, commercial machines need to be maintained more frequently due to the number of loads they see a day.

Read the manual.

It’s an easy thing to do, yet it is one of the most overlooked steps in mechanical maintenance for pretty much any machine. The manual will generally let owners know when they should perform certain maintenance tasks and how often professional cleaning or tune-ups need to happen to keep their machines running. Too often laundromat owners overlook required maintenance which causes machine failure.

Remove lint and debris.

Commercial dryers go through a lot of abuse from cycle to cycle. If you own a dryer at home, you know just how much lint and pocket debris can be collected in the lint trap, which is why it is vital for laundromats and college dorm laundry rooms to clean out their lint traps. Students and customers will rarely do it, so it is important that someone on staff is regularly checking the lint traps. Unlike home dryers, commercial dryers have a much larger exhaust duct that redirects hot air out of the machine to prevent overheating. A lot of lint and dust can get stuck in this duct, and if that happens, the machine will overheat. It’s important to clean it out about once a month to maintain correct airflow.

Clean out the door and drum connection.

The gasket is the area of the machine between the door and the drum of the washing machine. If there is dirt or debris here, the door won’t close properly, which can cause leaking. Some machines may not even turn on anymore because door sensor won’t allow the machine to start. To maintain the water-tight seal of the gasket, wipe down the area once a week or so. This will remove any soap scum or other buildup that could prevent the door from closing correctly.

Inspect hoses.

The inlet and outlet hoses, which allow water into and out of the washing machine, need to be checked regularly for leaks or other damage. Leaking can prevent the drum from being filled or drained all the way and cause your water bill to be much higher, or stops your clothing from even getting clean. Buildup and clogs within the hose can also prevent proper filling and draining, rendering your machine useless.

Clean the drum.

The drum of your machine is where all the action takes place, which is why it can get dirty and worn down quickly. Detergent residue or dirt from a particularly heavy load can build up inside the drum, eventually clinging to other items. If unchecked, mold can even take hold of the drum, which gives clothes and commercial items like bedclothes a foul-smelling odor. One solution to this problem is to routinely run machines with the machine empty with a bit of bleach can help correct this.

Contact Automatic Laundry

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