Have you ever heard someone talk about how much they love going to the laundromat? Neither have we. The laundromat is never a pleasant experience, but it is something we must do to have clean clothes. We have a few tips and tricks to help make trips to the laundromat a little easier, and hopefully quicker.

Plan a Time

Just like the gym, or the supermarket, the laundromat gets packed at certain times of the day. Evenings after work or weekends are usually popular times at the laundromat. It is a pain to go and have to wait for a machine, so if it is possible, plan to go at a time when you know the laundromat won’t be too busy. Maybe later in the evening or on your lunch break, it will take away the stress of fighting for a machine.

Sort Before you Go

A good way to reduce the time spent at the laundromat is to sort your clothes at home before you make the trip to the laundromat. Separating whites from colors, or whatever separation method you use at home will allow you to grab a machine and start washing right when you get there.

Always Check Machines Before You Wash

Laundromats are open to anyone, so anyone can come in and use the machines, washing whatever they like. Laundromats also might not always have the best hygiene, so it is crucial to check machines before running your clothes through them. There may be clothes left in there from a previous wash or virtually anything else that could sneak in there may be lurking at the bottom of the machine. Be sure to check the machine before use, even smell the machines, if there is a funky odor coming from them, it may be best to stay away.

Bring your Own Detergent

Laundromats will often have detergent available to purchase on site, but bringing your own detergent will save you time and money. Sure, lugging a big thing of laundry detergent on top of your laundry around can be a pain, but it will save you money and is most likely better-quality detergent than what may be offered there. Although laundry pods are not the best option because of recurring machine compatibility issues, bringing pods can save room because you will only need to bring a few pods with you each trip, just make sure the machines at your local laundromat accept pods.

Utilize Laundry Card or App

Many laundromats are upgrading their machines to offer payment methods through laundry cards or various laundry apps available. Using cards or apps means you don’t have to lug those heavy bags or rolls of quarters around anymore and can add value when you need or pay as you go, the future of laundry!

Automatic laundry has innovative laundry card technology available for all or machines! If you have questions regarding laundry card services or any laundry related issues contact us today!