Laundry Card Technology

Our Resident Advantage® system offers residents a coinless and cashless “must have” amenity. Our system eliminates the need for residents to horde quarters in order to do their laundry.

Why Smart Cards?

  • Encourages residents to do laundry on-site
  • Drives revenues
  • Ability to change prices to manage increasing costs of utilities
  • Greater customer convenience
  • Immediate refund capability

How it Works:

Upon installation each resident will receive a Resident Laundry Card. Automatic Laundry offers several different ways to add value to their Laundry Card. Residents may use their credit card or bank ATM card to add value to their card, or they may conveniently go online to our secure website to create a user profile and add value to their card using our code based revalue system. Residents who do not have access to the Internet or do not have a credit card can arrange to purchase value on their card by prepaying via check and one of our helpful card administrators will add the purchased value on to their card and return it to them, or contact them with their value code.

Which Payment System is Best for My Property?

Automatic Laundry offers an array of payment systems. Such systems include cash systems, credit and debit card systems, and code based revalue. In order to determine which system best suits your property, our sales representatives are trained to work hand in hand with management to determine which system that best suits the community’s unique laundry needs.