Complete Laundry Solutions

Automatic Laundry offers Community Laundry Room Management Services to give our Rhode Island customers the best laundry room solutions. Our services include Modern Laundry Equipment and Installation to maximize your residents’ experience.

Laundry services for Apartments

Apartments, Condos, and Multi-Housing

Laundry services for Colleges

Colleges & Universities

On Premise Laundry

On-Premises Laundry

Automatic Laundry App

Transform your Laundry Room
with LaundryConnect™

Improve resident experience with energy-efficient washers and dryers, mobile laundry payment app options, reliable customer service options, and remote laundry monitoring app.

Report Service for Resident Laundry Room Support

Laundry Payment App

Laundry Cards

Laundry Connect

GPS Enabled Service

Our residents absolutely love the convenience of using the app and no longer need to walk or drive across the property or wait in line at the leasing office to add value to their laundry card

Sharyn Hoover

Property Manager, Eaves