The LaundryConnect™ system from Automatic Laundry connects all of the washers and dryers on their client’s premises, providing significant benefits to residents, and property owners alike.

Real-time remediation changing industry service metrics.

Remote Laundry Room Monitoring Technology offers a significant value to the environment, keeping trucks and people off the road, and allowing the staff to remotely reset and troubleshoot laundry room errors in real-time. The networked laundry machines notify the Automatic Laundry Remote Service Response team directly when there is an error code/machine failure. Due to troubleshooting machine problems remotely, the need for residents or staff to report machine errors has almost entirely faded. In most cases, the Automatic Laundry Support Team can solve machine errors before they are even noticed. When the Automatic Laundry team does receive an alert, the error is cleared remotely within 30 minutes and the affected washer or dryer is back in operational mode.

Remote Monitoring can also be used by residents to check machine availability and the status of their laundry so they can get laundry done as quickly as possible. LaundryConnect™ plays a significant role in promoting resident and staff safety, machine availability, troubleshooting, and also ensures the company is doing its part to reduce its carbon footprint.

Resolve Laundry Room Problems Fast

The typical Washer error codes are: washer not getting any water, not draining or not draining properly, user over-loaded machine, motor issues, unbalanced errors, over-soaping conditions, door lock failures, lid switch errors, coin and reader errors, and partial vends from online Laundry controllers. Recurring or multiple alerts are usually indicative of infrastructure issues which gives Automatic Laundry insight to identify the issue, and respond.

For dryers, Automatic Laundry is notified of errors from user over-loaded machines, motor issues, over-heating conditions, coin and reader errors, and partial vend from online Laundry controllers. Multiple or recurring issues often lead to our Support Team finding an issue within the laundry room which can prevent costly repair costs.

mobile laundry room app

Manage Laundry Room Remotely

In addition to the error reporting, reduced carbon footprint, and remote problem resolution, LaundryConnect™ allows Automatic Laundry to remotely program machines in a matter of minutes. This could mean raising or lowering the vend price, changing the dry times, activating automatic shutdown/low power mode for off-peak hours, and promotional programs (e.g., free cycles). When a resident has a bad experience, the company can pause or advance the current cycle or prep another machine to start while the resident is still in the room.

Remote laundry room monitoring and other mobile tools that make getting a load of laundry done as easy as possible for residents are quickly becoming the standard for apartment buildings, campuses and other community living spaces. Automatic Laundry understands that no property manager wants to spend extra time or money fixing problems in a community laundry room and do our best to resolve any issues before they become more costly. Contact us today to learn more about how we can upgrade your laundry room with our LaundryConnect™ system.