As lives continue to get busier and we find less time on our hands, it’s only natural for people to look for resourceful ways to streamline everyday tasks. However, laundry is an essential part of life that frequently tends to get overlooked. Sooner or later, we’ve all got to come to terms with an overflowing basket of dirty clothes, no matter how long we put it off. 

Most apartment complexes offer communal laundry rooms in the absence of in-unit laundry equipment. A fantastic way property managers can be sure to deliver excellent laundry room services to residents is by offering a laundry room app. The implementation of modern mobile laundry room apps has gained substantial popularity, not only in the US but worldwide, and no wonder why property managers are eager to follow the pursuit of this efficient and convenient trend.  

How Our Mobile Laundry Room App Works

Residents download the app to their smartphones, and they are then able to upload money/credit onto their accounts via the app. Each energy-efficient laundry machine has a unique QR code which the user can then scan. Payment is deducted from their personal account, and the washing process can begin. 

Benefits of Laundry Room Mobile Apps

One of the greatest benefits of laundry room mobile apps is that it makes the entire payment process extremely easy. It eliminates the need for carrying physical laundry cards, which could get lost. Users can check how much money they have on their accounts and are able to top-up using their mobile phones right in the app. This completely eradicates those frustrating moments of discovering that your card has insufficient funds. 

Laundry room mobile apps also bring a host of further advantages to the table for users. First, it grants real-time monitoring, achieved due to machines and the mobile app being connected over WiFi. This allows you to check how many devices are available without having to tediously trek to the laundry room in person. Additionally, most apps feature push notifications, notifying you if your load is complete or how many minutes are left on the cycle.

Reducing Laundry Room Complaints

With all the handy benefits created by laundry mobile apps, it is not surprising to see a significant reduction in laundry room complaints. Common issues and hindrances associated with the traditional coin/card-operated washers and dryers are easily resolved due to the app being in place. Coins are no longer needed, so there is no more hassle when trying to fish out spare change from pockets. 

With the practical mobile app, you never have to worry about losing your laundry card ever again. You’ll also never have to experience the frustration of trying to predict if a washer or dryer is free, as real-time monitoring allows you to check the availability of each machine. 

Mobile Laundry Room Apps for the win

With all the immense benefits that laundry room apps bring, this will inevitably be the way of the future for communal laundry rooms. As the app resolves simple problems and makes managing laundry rooms much easier, you can expect property managers to have an easier time on their hands, thus being able to focus on more essential matters.