Over the course of doing laundry for years, you’re bound to lose a number of socks into the abyss, it simply comes with the territory of doing laundry. Sock disappearances remain one of the great unsolved mysteries of mankind. Socks going MIA often leave us with a slew of old and unwanted mismatched socks, but before you go ahead and throw those mismatched socks away, realize that there are some handy little tricks to put those old socks to use!

Cleaning Rags

Old socks provide great cleaning rags, especially for smaller hard to reach areas! You can put old socks over your hands and have dual action cleaning power for areas all around your home. Another cleaning use mismatched socks have is for your car. Using the same method, putting your hands in the sock, allows you to clean tiny areas and surfaces of your vehicle like the rims and that pesky area between the car seats! Socks can make great polishing rags for shoes or tarnished metals as well!

Glasses Case

Old mismatched socks provide the perfect holder or protective case for glasses. Simply put glasses inside a sock and the sock provides protection against dust and scratches. This can be quite useful when traveling because you won’t need a bulky glasses case taking up space, not to mention those cases can be expensive!


If you’re an avid sewer or are simply in need of a new pincushion, just stuff a bunch of old socks into another old sock until it is nice and dense, and there you have a new pincushion free of charge!

Icepack/Heat Compress

Old socks can also be used as ice packs or heat compresses. Whether you need to cut open a sock and wrap it around an ice pack or put ice directly in the sock, they offer a good layer of cloth to make the cold or warmth more tolerable on your skin.


Don’t be so quick to throw out mismatched socks! Take a minute and realize that they may be of some use to you after all! Of course, with all of these tips, make sure the socks have been properly washed and cleaned because using an old dirty sock as a glasses case does not sound too appealing! Can’t get enough laundry tips? Contact Automatic Laundry for more!