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Is The Future of Laundry All Inclusive?

Laundry Facilities in Dorms are changing to be free-of-charge

Students need to do their laundry, and at up to $3.00 a load it can really add up. Many students in dorms are saying that they can no longer afford the cost of a weekly laundry run on top of the dorm prices. Many colleges are also having trouble finding the exorbitant capital to handle the operating expenses of a campus card system.

Institutions are taking notice, and the trend is turning toward Included Laundry Facilities where students don’t have to pay. Automatic Laundry can revamp your community and dorm laundry rooms with state of the art equipment designed to be used in an all-inclusive facility.

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Benefits of Included Laundry

  • Colleges no longer have exorbitant capital and operating expenses for a campus card system.
  • Colleges no longer need to administer campus card issues such as refunds.
  • The money spent on managing a campus card system (hardware, administration, fees) for laundry are eliminated.
  • The number of service complaints are dramatically reduced with the elimination of the campus card system.
  • Students no longer have to manage a laundry budget or transfer money on their campus card.
  • Free use laundry programs entice students to live on campus.
  • Colleges can market this feature to prospective students.
  • Reduces over-loading of laundry equipment as students aren’t concerned with the economics of additional laundry cycles.
  • Equipment

    Automatic Laundry Service specializes in highly productive and efficient on-premise commercial laundry equipment.


    From our highly efficient laundry equipment and superior customer service to our LaundryConnect™ system featuring Service Alert, we have the solutions to best manage community laundry facilities.


    Our Service solutions span a series of consultative, structural, features & amenities which maximize your residents’ experience.

    Transform your Laundry Room