Colder weather means bundling up in extra layers of sweaters, puffy jackets, and boots that are kept away the rest of the year. While the winter clothes are cozy, they can be a pain to wash and dry. Knowing how to care for your winter clothes properly will help them last for months to come, so let’s go over a few basic laundry tips!

Hand wash Delicate Items

Handknitted sweaters and scarves are very delicate and throwing them in the washer could lead to a disaster. Instead, hand wash these items in the sink with just a few drops of gentle dish soap. The washing process shouldn’t involve any harsh twisting that could break the material. After you’re done the washing, rinse the item again in cold water until no soap remains. Wearing an extra layer under your sweater is an easy way to keep it smelling fresh and speed up the washing process.

Re-wear Items

Jeans and jackets should be re-worn during the winter months unless they’re stained or stinky. To get rid of the wrinkles between wears you can toss the items in the dryer with a dryer sheet. Re-wearing items will not only cut down on your laundry load, but it will extend the life of your clothes too!

Clean Your Boots

Snow boots will likely get an unpleasant odor throughout the winter but cleaning them is easy. Cold water, one half cup vinegar, and one capful of laundry detergent is all you need to clean your snow boots. Soak the boots in the mixture for a half an hour before letting them air dry. Be sure to do this on a day when you have time for them to dry because it could take a while.

Wash Winter Coats Twice

Your winter coat should be washed twice each winter unless a stain requires quicker treatment. Coats should be washed with cold water and a gentle detergent for 30 minutes on a gentle cycle before being tossed in the dryer on a low temp. Add a couple of tennis balls in the dryer to regain the fluffy and soft texture of your winter coat!