Laundry Payment Systems

If you’re still wrestling with coin-operated machines, it’s time for an upgrade. Our Smart Laundry Card Payment System offers a modern, hassle-free solution that replaces the need for coins. Cards streamline the laundry process, making it faster, easier, and more efficient for residents. No more hunting for change or dealing with jammed coin slots. With our smart laundry cards, all you need to do is load, swipe, and let the machine do the rest. It’s time to ditch the coins and embrace the future with our innovative Laundry Payment Systems.

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Laundry - Mobile Payment App

Cashless Community Laundry Rooms

Cashless Community Laundry Rooms are designed to deliver utmost convenience for both residents and property managers. Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying coins or waiting for a machine to be available. With our system, residents can easily load funds onto a card and use it at any available laundry machine. For property managers, this means no more coin collection.

Laundry - Mobile Payment App

Online Account Management

Residents will enjoy additional benefits like online account management, real-time availability checks, and machine cycle status updates. It’s a win-win solution that simplifies laundry day and enhances the living experience for everyone in your community.

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Improve Resident Experience With Our App

Make getting laundry done as easy as possible for residents with our mobile app. The LaundryConnect™ App gives residents the ability to view the real-time usage of machines in a community laundry room.

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