Responsive Service While Keeping Residents Safe

Here is our latest installation in a luxury community on the Upper West Side where we installed our proprietary LaundryConnect™ that links the commercial washers and dryers in the laundry room to the internet.  Residents can access a laundry monitoring web page that shows the availability of machines in real time and can opt to be e-mailed or texted when machines become available, or when their laundry cycle is finished. With LaundryConnect™, residents can see when the laundry room is inactive and plan doing their laundry during off-peak times.


Also with LaundryConnect™, real-time service alerts are sent from the washers and dryers directly to our service team.  We can remotely repair over 80% of equipment breakdowns before residents and staff become aware of the malfunctioning machine. These repairs are typically completed within 30 minutes of receiving the alerts.  This remote service technology reduces the amount of time our field technicians need to be on premises.


For more information, please visit or call 617-969-4340, ext. 137.