Let’s face it, nobody likes doing laundry.  But yet, nobody wants to walk around wearing dirty stinky clothes either.

But if you have a lot of family members, you’ll have a lot of laundries, and you’ll likely want to reduce your costs as much as possible too!  Laundry detergent can get expensive!

Here is how you can save money on laundry by reducing your cost per load!

Use Cold Water

Most of the energy a washing machine uses is for heating the water.  As long as your clothes aren’t extremely dirty or greasy, cold water should do a perfectly adequate job and save you energy, which will save you money!

Don’t Wash Half-Full Loads

By washing full loads instead of partial loads, your washing machine and your dryer will use less energy and you’ll have to run less cycles.  If you don’t have a full load, change your settings so your machine uses less water.  If you use coin-operated machines, save up until you have a full load or share with a friend!

Separate Your Loads

Heavy fabrics like jeans or towels take longer to dry than lightweight shirts and underwear.

Drying these clothes separately means you won’t waste energy on lighter clothes that are already dry.

Don’t Over-Dry

Continuing to run your dryer after the clothes are dry wastes energy.  Most modern dryers have a moisture sensor so set it to shut off automatically as soon as the clothes are dry, rather than relying on a timer.

Clean the Lint Filter

Remove the filter and throw away the lint after each load.  This helps air circulate better and your clothes dry faster, using less energy.  In addition, check the dryer vent frequently to make sure it isn’t blocked by lint build up.  Not only will this help you save energy and money, but this is one of the leading causes of house fires, so it will also help keep you and your family safe!