Using a Mobile Payment App in the Laundry Room

Q:  How do residents use the app?

A:  Simply download the free app on a smart phone from the Apple App Store or Google Play store, register with a debit or credit card and start the machine by scanning the QR code or entering the machine number.


Q:  What if a resident doesn’t have a smart phone?

A:  Any device with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will work.  If that is still an issue, Automatic Laundry can also provide a kiosk where residents can use a laundry card and add value using cash or credit.  An alternative to a laundry card would be for the washers and dryers to accept quarters.


Q:  Do I need Wi-Fi and/or a modem to connect to the internet in the laundry room(s)?

A:  Absolutely not.  The resident’s smart phone connects to each washer and dryer via the Bluetooth function.  The resident’s smart phone also communicates directly with the mobile app in the cloud.


Q:  Will the resident’s phone still work if there is no cell connection in the laundry room?

A:  Yes.  The phone connects to each washer and dryer via Bluetooth.  As long as the resident has enough money on their mobile account to start a cycle, there is no requirement for cell connectivity.


Q:  Can a resident report service from the app?

A:  Service requests can be submitted directly through the app to our service department.  No need to call or inform the Property Manager.  A resident can also request a refund through the same service request.


Q:  Can a resident be notified when their laundry is complete?

A:  Yes. A resident can receive a SMS alert or e-mail when their laundry is complete.


Q:  Can mobile pay be added to existing coin operated machines?

A:  Yes.  Please call Automatic Laundry at 617-969-4340 or e-mail us at to schedule a site visit to make a final determination.


Q:  Is revenue reported to the property when a residents adds funds to their app account or when the resident uses the machines?

A:  Revenue is reported to the property when funds are added to their mobile app account, regardless of when the funds are used at the machine.

Q:  Are there other benefits to using the app?

A1:  Automatic Laundry is able to see transactions as they happen.  Using this unique view into the machines and resident’s usage, we are able to determine important statistics about your laundry room and the usage.


A2:  Residents can see their refill and usage history.


A3:  Multiple residents in the same home can share the same account in the app or create multiple accounts if they prefer.