Switching to Card Operated Laundry Equipment

Managing a laundry room with coin-operated machines can be difficult. Residents often complain about needing to find the right amount of change and the process of collecting payments with coins can be exhausting. Because of this, card-operated laundry equipment with the ability to add value online has become a popular choice in apartment buildings, campuses, […]

Upgrading your Community Laundry Facility

A bad experience in the laundry room often leads to complaints from residents and can be a big part of overall resident satisfaction. Making sure that residents are able to get a load of laundry done easily in your community laundry room is an essential part of keeping residents happy. Upgrading your laundry facility to […]

Campus Laundry Solutions

Providing perks and amenities like on-site laundry greatly improves the student living experience on-campus. If students don't have to leave campus to do laundry it will save them time and money. Whether you are upgrading your current campus laundry facility or are looking to build one, Automatic Laundry is the solution for you. Automatic Laundry […]

Which payment system is best for my laundry facility?

Automatic Laundry offers an array of payment systems that residents can use to pay for laundry. Our easy laundry payment solutions include cash systems, credit, and debit card systems, and code-based revalue. Our sales representatives are trained to work hand in hand with management to determine which system best suits your community laundry room’s unique […]

How to Improve your Campus Laundry Facility

It is your goal to provide a good experience for your on-campus students. From providing dining options, great dorm rooms, and events on campus, a lot of effort goes into the college experience. One service in particular that students often have issues with is the community laundry facility. Here is a couple of the most […]

Ways to Keep Residents Happy with your Laundry Room

Keeping tenants and making sure they are happy is always a lot easier than trying to find new ones. Having a clean, up to date and properly functioning community laundry facility is an easy way to make sure people stay happy. With Automatic Laundry community laundry room management services we will take the responsibilities out […]

LaundryConnect App features and tutorial

The LaundryConnect app is fast and convenient. The payment process is easy and straightforward. Residents can easily load funds anywhere, at any time, with their smartphone and can seamlessly purchase laundry services without having to physically handle coin, cash, or swipe a card. Today’s residents are eager for quick, in-and-out experiences and the laundry connect […]

The Benefits of LaundryConnect in Community Laundry Rooms

Automatic Laundry offers a variety of service options to manage our customer's unique laundry needs. With our LaundryConnect™ system featuring Service Alert, we have the solutions to best manage community laundry facilities. We offer remote monitoring so that you will be able to always know exactly what is going on with your community laundry facility. […]

Commercial Laundry Equipment Service

If you’re in the laundry business you know how valuable each of your machines is. You also understand that equipment downtime will really dig into your profits. Our goal at Automatic Laundry is to minimize equipment downtime so that your commercial laundry equipment will serve your business in the best way possible. It’s typical for […]