Commercial Laundry Equipment Service

We offer a variety of service options to manage each of our customer’s unique needs. Our highly efficient laundry equipment and superior customer service are just the beginning.  We also offer the LaundryConnect™ system featuring Service Alert, we have the solutions to best service community laundry facilities.


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LaundryConnect™ Equipment

Laundry machines equipped with LaundryConnect™ are monitored 24/7! All performance-related aspects are monitored and analyzed. Critical error monitoring alerts Automatic Laundry of any major errors recorded via e-mail to our entire service organization. 

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Superior Customer Service

Commercial laundry equipment featuring LaundryConnect™ alerts us in real-time about everything we need to know regarding your laundry room operations. Machines requiring service automatically notify our service department of the cause of the malfunction. Our main goal is to ensure that your laundry facility is running as efficiently as possible. We dispatch our technicians the same day or the next day should an issue arise in your laundry facility. 

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Make getting laundry done as easy as possible for residents with our mobile app. The LaundryConnect™ App gives residents the ability to view the real-time usage of machines in a community laundry room.

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