Sometimes the laundry symbols or tag on your towels, sheets, and clothes might look like a set of symbols than a valuable list of detailed laundry tag offering appropriate instructions for how and when to do laundry. Laundry symbol shows washing instruction on your garments exactly how to dry and wash, as well as extra information on ironing and bleaching. Below are 4 ways on how to read your laundry symbols:

  1. Ironing Symbols: Most fabrics look beautiful after ironing, but others are a little delicate and can be damaged. There different fabrics that need exceptional care when ironing. For instance, if you get a new shirt and wish to iron this new dress and want to know if this dress can be ironed safely, look for the iron tag or symbol that is represented with a little iron tag on your garment in the middle that signifies the temperature setting. Like shown below:






  • No steam added.
  • Do not iron.
  • Iron high.
  • Iron medium.
  • Iron low.


  1. Bleaching Symbol: There is nothing more terrifying than getting your favorite cloth bleached. Liquid bleach is capable of ruining your favorite fabric and is also capable of making your whites white if appropriately used. Liquid bleach must be added to your material at the correct temperature and time. It should always be mixed well when added to water before adding your fabric to the washer. Recognizing this bleach symbols can save your fabric or garment from getting damaged by the liquid bleach.


  • Do not bleach.
  • Bleaching allowed.
  • Use non-chlorine bleach.


  1. Washing Symbol: Knowing the wash cycle and temperature right is very important for seeing a better laundry result, and also prevent your clothes from getting damaged. The washing symbol shown below will give you the knowledge for the temperature, which is indicated by some dots, also different cycle types which are represented with one or two lines. See below:
  • Temperature: These indicate what kind of temperature the cloth should be washed. Some clothes get damaged due to the high amount of heat, so it is imperative to know the temperature. Three dots-50°C, two dots-40°C, one dot=30°C.
  • Other: This means doing it the old school way by putting it into a large sink using your hand to do the washing.


  1. Drying Symbol: Drying symbol is also an essential part of caring for your clothing process, knowing the drying symbols like the simple circle indicates your clothing or garment can be dry cleaned, which will help you from damaging your cloth or garments. And also, other additional information as shown below will help in your clothing care process:


  • 5-stands for do not wring.
  • 4-stands for a dry
  • 3-stands for hang dry.
  • 2-stands for do not tumble dry.
  • 1-stands for tumbling dry is allowed.


  • 5-stands for no air or heat.
  • 4-stands for low heat.
  • 3-stands for medium heat.
  • 2-stands for high heat.
  • 1-stands for any temperature can be applied.


  • 3-stands for the gentle and delicate cycle.
  • 2-stands for permanent press cycle.
  • 1-stands for a normal


Hopefully, this blog post helps you when next you need to get your laundry done on your own. If you have any questions on how to read laundry symbols, you can contact us with the comment box below.