It is 2019, children born after the turn of the century are now in college. For laundromats, college campuses, and even apartments and condos, it is becoming more important to provide laundry machines that work for this new generation. If you are still using coin-operated laundry machines, you run the risk of getting left behind as more adults prefer laundry machines that allow them to play online or in-app. App integrated machines have gone from a popular alternative to the mainstream and soon to be standard in the industry. Here are a few reasons to consider switching to app integrated machines.

Improve Customer Experience

If you own a laundromat you know the importance of repeat customers. In areas where multiple laundromats are competing for the same customers, factors like price, hours, and machine size matter. Two newer factors that are taking precedence in the list of reasons customers change laundromats is payment options and experience. For many millenials, if a laundromat is coin-operated only that is a deal breaker. Even if the laundromat has a change machine, not many millennials carry cash on their person. Forcing a customer to go to the atm and then the change machine is adding too many steps. It is much more convenient to pay in-app or online. Laundry apps also allow customers to load them with credit which makes doing laundry even easier.

Increase Profits Longterm

Machines that are app-integrated are forward thinking. With each new wave of adults moving into apartments, shared living spaces, or college campuses, there is more reason to adopt modern technologies. Using app-integrated machines means reaching an entirely new target audience. If you are in an area where surrounding laundromats have not yet adopted the technology, you may even pull in customers from their area that prefer to pay online. The more options you provide your customers with the more customers you can expect to use your machines. And because ATMs often take fees for withdrawals it has been found that millennials are more likely to do their laundry more often when they are able to pay with non-cash methods.

Contact Automatic Laundry

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