In the past decade, we have seen an increase in the number of residents who prefer washing clothes in digital laundry rooms over traditional coin-operated machines. Property owners are finding it more convenient to monitor washer and dryer usage and residents, enjoy the convenience of being able to pay for laundry services via mobile devices. In this post, we will take a closer look at the reasons why more residents prefer digital laundry rooms and how it benefits property owners.


One of the main reasons residents prefer digital laundry rooms is convenience. Traditional laundry rooms require residents to carry around quarters or cash to operate the machines. Digital laundry rooms eliminate the need for physical payments. With a mobile app or a smart card linked to their accounts, residents can start, monitor and finish their laundry from anywhere. If there is an error in a cycle, the digital machine alerts the manager so that the problem can be addressed promptly.

Time Management

Residents who have busy schedules prefer digital laundry rooms to traditional laundry rooms. With a digital laundry room, residents can check the availability of washing machines and dryers from the comfort of their mobile devices. Once a cycle is started residents can monitor the status of the machine from the mobile app and return to the laundry room once they know clothes are ready to be taken out. As a result, residents won’t have to wait to use laundry machines and the laundry room won’t be overcrowded with people waiting for a machine to become available.

Reduced Cost

Digital laundry rooms can also lower the costs of running laundry facilities. Property managers no longer have to pay for cash handling services for quarters and counting money. In addition, digital laundry rooms can be equipped with eco-friendly laundry equipment so you can save on energy usage.

Smart Management

Digital laundry rooms allow property managers to monitor and manage machines remotely. They can view the availability of machines at any time, get alerts on machines that are down, and manage funds collected. This increased efficiency makes the management of laundry rooms easier, more accurate and reduces the workload for property managers.

With the increasing demand for convenience, property owners should consider modernizing their community laundry rooms. Digital laundry rooms have many advantages over traditional laundry rooms, from improved security and enhanced efficiency to cost savings and increased resident satisfaction. Property managers enjoy the benefits of increased profitability through higher resident retention rates, lower operational expenses and improved equipment. By embracing digital laundry rooms, property managers can strengthen relationships with residents and promote a positive living experience.