Every generation has different values and priorities in all facets of their daily lives, including the amenities they want in their apartments and condominiums. For millennials, a generation that roughly ranges in age from 13 to 35, multi-family housing is about the experience. Millennials as a whole are putting off home ownership, and expect a more comprehensive housing experience. It’s no surprise that the youngest generation seeks out high-tech amenities such as high speed Wifi and charging ports. Modern fitness centers are also key selling points for the millennial generation.

Generation X, with an age range between 35 and 55, is less likely to be renting than their younger counterparts, but it is still common to find empty nesters and divorcees using multifamily housing. The most important amenities for this group is family friendly activities and playrooms for children. Safe and fenced in outdoor play areas are also of interest to this age group. Convenient and well-maintained laundry rooms will also be an important selling point for this generation.

And this brings us to the opposite end of the spectrum. For baby boomers, renting means downsizing. But don’t take that too literally. Baby boomers will still want to enjoy larger sized rooms and living areas than other generations, and they will typically be able to afford it. Like other generations, fitness centers, modern amenities such as high speed Wifi, and easy access to their washer and dryer will still be important selling points.

Keeping your target demographic in mind with your multifamily housing facility is key to success. Automatic Laundry provides convenient laundry room management and laundry equipment services to multifamily housing facilities. We can help you set up the perfect laundry facility for your renter’s needs.