LaundryConnect PayLaundryConnect™ Pay, Automatic Laundry’s proprietary mobile payment app platform aimed at revolutionizing the way residents and students pay for laundry at the washer or dryer, is now integrated with Automatic’s laundry monitoring web page, LaundryConnect™, displaying the availability of machines in real-time where users can opt to be e-mailed or texted when machines become available, or when their laundry cycle is finished. Paying for laundry, viewing machine availability and being alerted that your laundry is complete can all be done from a single app. 

A “Room Status” menu item will automatically appear in the app’s navigation and users can simply click on that icon to view the real-time status of all the laundry machines in their location. This quick click gives users a full-color page view of machine availability and cycle status, 24/7 regardless of the user’s location. For locations with multiple laundry rooms, the user will see a landing page first and then select their desired laundry room.

To get LaundryConnect for your apartment building, condominium, college campus, or other property, simply contact Automatic Laundry and submit a sales inquiry.