We are all doing our best to adhere to social distancing guidelines, as the reality of COVID-19 sinks in a bit deeper each day. Reducing points of contact as much as possible is critically important, even in common laundry rooms. This is where a community laundry that taps into technology is best positioned to serve residents.


LaundryConnect™ can play a significant role in helping residents maintain social distancing. Features enable residents to check machine availability from their unit as well as receive cycle completion alerts via text or email. This helps reduce a resident’s need to enter the community laundry room to start cycles and transfer loads.  Additionally, the remote service system of networked washers and dryers self-report malfunctioning machines directly to our service team allowing us to diagnose and preemptively repair equipment remotely over 80% of the time. Reducing the need for our field service techs to enter the property increases safety for both residents and our staff.

LaundryConnect™ Pay

App-based payment systems provide a similar advantage in reducing touchpoints. Consider the reduction in touchpoints between a resident paying with coins or currency and one using mobile pay. A coin resident likely will need change, so they are getting change off-site, increasing their time in public. Facilities utilizing value transfer machines also increase contact points.

A mobile pay solution removes each of those touchpoints. Residents simply download the app, register with a debit or credit card, and start the machine by scanning the QR code clearly marked on the laundry machine.  Residents using LaundryConnect™ Pay can load funds from their apartment unit with their smartphones and can seamlessly purchase laundry services without having to physically handle cash or use a card. It may make sense to go mobile pay-only to ensure a safer experience for all.

While good old-fashioned attention to cleanliness is immensely important today, leveraging technology in multi-housing applications is another way to help ensure a safer experience for residents and staff. In addition, as we move into a post-COVID-19 world, prospective renters will place a premium on properties that offer greater access to such technology.